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Book Review: Penpal

Penpal - Dathan Auerbach

Not only genuinely scary, but well-written, a rare combination for what started off as, essentially, creepypasta. Here, there won't be obvious and over-the-top monsters of the supernatural sort, only ones that we face daily and don't know about. More often had it been my imagination than anything explicitly described in Penpal that threatened to deplete my closet of undergarments. The non-chronological aspect of it, rather than the opposite that in the hands of a lesser writer could've easily been the case, added a lot to its readability, as I found it impossible, once I started, to stop reading before finding out how it all tied together in the end, and tie together Penpal for the most part did. A few plot holes popped up here and there, granted, but none of them were significant enough, as most of them could be explained away by implications, to truly undermine what had been for me a thoroughly and consistently chilling experience, the impact of which, attesting to the strength of both the story and writing, has lingered on long afterwards. With some polishing-up, Penpal would be perfect, but even as it is, it's still very much worth checking out. Dathan Auerbach, a.k.a. 1000vultures, is definitely one author on whom to keep both eyes firmly fixed.