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Book Review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien

There isn't much I could say about The Hobbit that hasn't already been gushed about here or everywhere else, so it is enough to say that I am currently kicking myself for having ignored until now those entirely well-founded praises that this amazing, amazing book deserves. For such a little book, at least as compared to the Lord of the Rings books combined, The Hobbit is just full to bursting with classic adventures and good cheer while still maintaining a coherent plot and expertly juggling the many characters, adding to and subtracting from the cast where necessary. Each portion of crazy shenanigans our lovable Bilbo Baggins and his band of dwarves regularly find themselves up against are more imaginative and distinctive than the last, all of which I'm absolutely stoked to see realized on the screen come the next two Decembers. But film adaptations aside, The Hobbit is great and thoroughly entertaining to read from start to finish, and I'm not as sorry to have reached the end of this book as I am ecstatic to know there are still more in store for me yet!