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Haunted - Chuck Palahniuk My first Palaniuk book, and I'm hesitant to consider buying more of his books. I bought Haunted because I had come across Guts online and wanted to read more stories like it, of the much worse kind if possible. Disappointingly, none of the stories left me as faintly horrified as Guts did. The attempt at trying to connect all the twenty-odd short stories to one giant plot felt contrived. The book could've done without said attempt and just been its own collection of short stories. Other than that, some of the shorts were... interesting, to put it mildly, and imaginative; the others so-so; all of them forced in one way or another. I wasn't much impressed by Palahniuk's writing style; with Guts, it was awesome, but after fifty pages of it, it worn out its welcome.