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The Infinity Gauntlet - Ron Lim, Jim Starlin, George Pérez "Epic" is a word thrown around so freely these days that it means practically nothing like, as opposed to your favorite team winning a match or your long-awaited movie somewhat surpassing your expectations, what it's originally intended for, that is, a sprawling story of mind-boggling scope with larger-than-life characters involved in a conflict greater than all of them combined. Of this can there be no better example than The Infinity Gauntlet, in which heroes and villains alike of the universe must band together to take on Thanos the Mad Titan, who with the awesome and unlimited power of the Infinity Gauntlet threatens to wipe out all there is. Ridiculously engaging and unputdownable, The Infinity Gauntlet, with all its cheesy dialogue and flashy action, makes you feel like a kid again, yet it also offers quite a few twists some adult newcomers might not see coming.