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Book Review: Relic

Relic - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

For too long a time have I been stuck in a reader's funk, happy to read about reading, yet loath to actually read more than a few pages at a time. Ads, tweets, and teal-deer summaries, I hate to say, may have made mincemeat of my attention span. My desire to read everything, if I entertain it even a bit, only ends up being that which, with overwhelming hopelessness, paradoxically quashes my motivation. It's incomprehensible and pathetic, and I'm not proud of it, either.

But enough was enough. It didn't take much reflection to see, as plain as day, what the fix was: read interesting books. So simple a solution tend to escape us overthinkers. My mind then turned to page-turners, unputdownable books, stuff most people finish in one sittings, and the likes, so I narrowed down my book-recommendation searches accordingly, the results of which found their places on yet another to-read list hastily put together in Notepad.

This way, so far, seems to be paying off. Relic kept popping up in my searches. A prehistoric killing machine loose in a museum, plus a surprisingly fun leading character in Pendergast? You bet I burned through the book in no time. The writing is not the best in the world, and a drinking game revolving around the word "warren" is probably suicidal for anyone to play, but in keeping me reading on, Relic did the job fantastically, and at this point, that's really the best I could've asked for. Even better, going by their ratings here and elsewhere, the sequels seem to be improvements on the original.